Oliver Rayner #

MIT Class of 2024 Aero/Astro, EECS, Philosophy

Education #

Massachusetts Institute of Technology #

4.7 GPA pursuing a major in Aerospace Engineering and a double minor in EECS and Philosophy.

Experience #


Cambridge MA - Electro-mechanical Intern - June 2023/Present

Novel capacative resolver/encoder research, design, and prototyping for the trident missile system. Analog circuit design, simulation, and fabrication; mechatronic systems development.

STEP-1 #

MIT Space Propulsion Lab - Undergraduate Researcher - June 2021/Present

HV amplifier design for use in electric propulsion systems. Software design and construction of splsync, an rsync-style source control software over UART. Electronics and systems design of STEP-1’s Camera Payload. Building schematics and PCBs using KiCAD for underlying electronics systems.

Princeton Satellite/Fusion Systems #

Princeton NJ - Intern - June 2022/August 2022

Power electronics, fault detection systems through bayesian inferencemodels, hypersonics, compressor and turbine design, brayton cycles for auxiliary spacecraft in fusion systems, and fibre optics.

Electrospary Propulsion Systems #

MIT Space Propulsion Lab - Undergraduate Researcher - July 2018/March 2020

Reaction control systems, wetting experiments, and contact angle measurements with EMI-BF4 on substrates of SPL’s ion Electrospray Propulsion System ( iEPS).

Projects #

MASLab #

MIT Mobile Autonomous Systems Competition - January 2022

I worked on a team of five students where I was responsible for all the software, controls, and electrical components of our autonomous machine. Utilising an implementation of A* Pathfinding, OpenCV, and PID position control, our team won 1st place.


Music playing Discord Bot (2018-2020) A hobby project of mine which allows users to play music across multiple servers simultaneously. At its peak Gort had reached over 60,000 users.

Skills #

Languages - C, C++, C#, MATLAB, Git, Python, ROS, Java, Javascript, Bash, HTML/CSS

Tools - LTSpice, KiCAD, Creo, Solidworks, Ansys, COMsolve